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  • Top 5 Tips for New Teachers

    The first day of school means something completely different when you’re a teacher, especially when you’re a new or first-time teacher. Not only are you back in the familiar yet foreign environment of the classroom, but you’re in a position of influence, power, and expectations. You come with more knowledge and experience, but you’re in […]

  • Fall Field Trip Ideas to Try in 2021

    Field trips have the potential to be the highlight of a school year for all ages. Both educational and exciting, these day trips allow students to get out of the classroom and stretch their legs (and minds). In the long run, these excursions are often more memorable than any given individual lesson. That being said, […]

  • Prepping to Go Back to School: Reminders for Teachers

    Teachers, this one is for you! Summer has really gone by in a flash, hasn’t it? Now you probably see back-to-school planograms everywhere you go, from the supermarket to the department stores advertising different deals and storewide sales. This usually elicits one of two responses: panic because time has run out or relief because you […]

  • 7 Tips for Substitute Teachers

    Sure, you have your teaching certificate, you’ve done student teaching, and you’ve secured a job as a substitute teacher for your local district. That’s great! Hard work paid off. 

  • 6 of the Best Ideas for School Spirit Day

    We all know it – there are good school spirit days, and there are lame dress-up days. Students either go all out or don’t go out at all if they don’t like a theme. Whether you’re in charge of this year’s themes or you’re a student looking for some ideas on what to wear for […]

  • Great School Activities Your Students Can Get Involved in

    Whether you’re reading this in 2021 while attending full-time school and/or semi-virtual school or you’re reading this in a more normal world, we want to share a few ways to increase student involvement with different activities at any level.  How Can Students Get More Involved in School Activities?  When it comes to school activities, there […]

  • Easy Virtual Classroom Activities to Try This Year

    2020 has thrown everything for a loop, especially schools and universities. The classroom simply looks different with schools offering blends of online and in-person interactions. That can make interpersonal connections difficult, to say the least. Students are quick to log off when the lesson is over rather than hang around and chat with their friends, […]

  • Tips to Help Teachers Survive the School Year [Part 4 – Health Tips]

    Staying healthy and well when you’re a teacher can be challenging at times. From the daily interaction (and potential spread of germs) and the taxing feeling of being on the clock 24/7 to everything in between, being a teacher is a bit of a sacrifice, to say the least. It’s easy for a teacher to […]

  • Tips to Help Teachers Survive the School Year [Part 3 – Stress Relief Tips]

    Teaching is a stressful profession at any level. Whether it’s your first year on the job or you’re on the brink of retiring, you know the unique stress teachers feel 24/7. Part of it comes with the job, constantly having unofficial deadlines grading assignments so that the students don’t feel stressed, but part of it […]

  • Tips to Help Teachers Survive the School Year [Part 2 – Time-Saving Tips]

    It seems teachers are jacks-of-all-trades being mentors, educators, caretakers, and friends to their students. Teachers do everything from creating the lessons (and accompanying quizzes, tests, reviews, activities, assignments, etc.) to grading, giving feedback, doing one-on-one conferences, and outlining new material. And that’s just for the students; don’t forget about faculty responsibilities! Plus, that doesn’t account […]

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