Prepping to Go Back to School: A Student Guide

If you’ve been to your local supermarket recently, you’ve probably seen evidence of BTS – “back to school,” that is. Those yellow pencil boxes, buckets, and bins are likely filled to the brim with all the essentials for students of every age. Sure, summer isn’t quite at a close, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the next semester. 

This one’s for the students (teachers, stay tuned!) – we’re here to help you be more than ready for that first day back, whether it’s your first or your last.

Things to Remember Every Few Years (or so)

How are your walking shoes doing? Your gym clothes? Your backpack? These are a few examples of things that don’t necessarily need replacing annually, but they vary based on use. As you get older, you may start to prioritize function over fashion in terms of shoes and bags, at least. As books get heavier, and the walk from class to class gets longer, you’ll be looking for bags with supportive straps, useful pockets, or sturdy lining and shoes with soles and linings that are built to last. 

[H2] Things to Remember Annually 

There are some things you’ll need to figure out every year, but that often has to wait until you know what your schedule is going to be. Typically, the younger grades have class supply lists with things like communal tissues, crayons, and glue, though sometimes older grades have those same lists, just for each individual class. It can be a lot to keep track of. Usually, procuring those items is pretty simple; all it takes is a quick trip to the store. 

Sometimes, you’ll need to complete reading lists or summer assignments by the first day, which you’d probably hear about a month or so before your return to school. 

Things to Remember the Week Before

Ask yourself the following: 

  • Do you know where your classes are?
  • Have you finished your summer reading?
  • Have you picked out your first-day outfit? (Hey, this one’s crucial…)
  • Do you know how you’re getting to and from school?
  • Have you figured out lunch money or gone to the store to prep homemade meals?

Now is the time to get back into that routine of waking up early, getting to bed at a reasonable hour, ensuring you have clean laundry, gathering all the forms and paperwork you might need, etc. Don’t let this checklist overwhelm you; we simply don’t want you to be scrambling the night before! 

That leads us to our next point.

Things to Remember the Night Before

Now is the time to solidify your lunch plan, at least for the next day. The same applies to your first-day outfit and making sure your bag is packed with everything you need. Be sure to coordinate pickup/dropoff or determine where your closest bus stop is and practice walking it so you know how much time to budget in the morning. Hopefully, at this point, you’ve had an opportunity to meet your teacher, but if not, consider looking them up so you know who you’re looking for if you get lost during all the back-to-school hustle and bustle.

Always Remember Your School Spiritwear

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