• How to Connect with Your Students: 5 Tips for New Teachers

    Being a teacher is easily one of the most rewarding, yet intimidating jobs in the world – rewarding in that you get to help young students grow and develop in an academic setting, intimidating in that you may not know how to connect with certain students on a meaningful level. After all, no two students […]

  • Where to Find High School Apparel

    Whether you’re just starting high school as a freshman or you’re a senior nearing graduation you’ll be looking to enter this school year with the right shirts, hoodies, and swag to show your school pride. While you may already have a few places in mind, this comprehensive list may help you find the high school […]

  • 5 Best Ways to Show School Pride

    As school starts back up this fall, many students are beginning to feel the stress of homework, quizzes, and exams. School can certainly be tough, but there is a way to make school much more exciting than just studying. Show your school pride! Whether you’re a new student, class president, or wild fan, we have […]

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