The Best School Activities to Wear Your Spirit Wear

School pride is all about bleeding those school colors (figuratively speaking, of course), but there’s a time and place to rep your high school spirit wear, and a funeral or church is not one of those places. So, let’s explore a few creative ways to show what team you represent!


This might seem like an obvious one, but too often, it is a missed opportunity. You may not be out on the court or the field, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your team’s colors. There is no better place to show school spirit than putting on some football spirit wear and rising and shouting for your school. Maybe you’re not the maniacal fan or the loudest one in the student section; that’s still no excuse to not cheer and wear school pride at a game or pep rally!


If your school is involved in any sort of event off-campus, this is a perfect opportunity to wear your high school spirit wear. You’re marketing your school and what good it’s trying to accomplish in the community through these fundraisers and awareness functions. Why would you not take pride in a moment like that? Being a part of something bigger than ourselves is something that we all want to do on one level or another. Acting within the community is the best way to make a difference, and schools are great at doing this, so wear their colors.

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Club-Sponsored Events

Much like sporting events, club-sponsored ones are a fantastic way to show whose side you’re on. Unlike sports, however, clubs are involved in various ways and often travel outside of the state depending on the competition level. Taking that school pride outside of your city or state is a great way to show unity within the organization, while simultaneously representing the school that gave you that opportunity in the first place. Even if you’re staying local, schools have a communal bond, and for the old-timers, they take pride in seeing the youth continuing the legacy they had a hand in building as they see them wearing their spirit wear and getting involved.

Study Abroad Programs

Going outside the United States is an experience that any student should have at some point. Learning another language, culture, and history is a fantastic way to become a more grounded and rounded individual. Packing some spirit wear inside your luggage is not only a way to represent yourself and school, but it’s a piece of home. Missing where you’re from is natural, and being able to bring something that reminds you of that can get you through those homesick moments. It can also encourage, uplift, and remind you of why you left home in the first place.

School Reunions

Whether it’s a one-, five-, or ten-year reunion, show up with pride in where you’ve come from. Who says 40 can’t look as good as 18? You might have misplaced your old-school memorabilia (very old-school for some) or perhaps it’s faded and near translucent, at the very least. There’s nothing wrong with upgrading your high school spirit wear so you look just as good, if not better at the upcoming class reunion as you did when you walked across the graduation stage. Bring back class to your class as you walk in and reminisce with old friends, possibly making new ones.

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