What Does It Mean to Show School Spirit?

What does it mean to show school spirit? When you show school spirit, you show pride for your school and what it stands for – pride for the skills you’ve developed at school, whether that be integrity, teamwork, valor, creativity, athletics, intelligence, tenacity, or curiosity. Showing school spirit is not only pride but support. 

When you purchase or wear spiritwear from your school, you’re likely supporting them in some form or fashion, whether it be a specific club, organization, or the school as a whole. It’s also a display of support and school promotion. There are many ways to show school spirit for students, parents, and alumni alike, which is what we’ll delve into today. 

Showing School Spirit Is Fun

Everybody has a favorite day of Spirit Week, right? It’s the one week where, for the most part, you get to throw dress codes and rules out the window in favor of fun and festivities. On Friday, students usually cap off the week by wearing their favorite school spirit getup. Sometimes students stick to the school colors, others wear their funkiest club shirt, but most just wear classic spiritwear with a variety of shirts, hoodies, or jackets. It’s not meant to be a competition, though bragging rights may be issued to those who go all out during the different Spirit Week festivities. 

School Spirit Is Ownership and Pride

We hear it all the time growing up: represent yourself and those things associated with you well. This could be through a job, a club, or a religious denomination, but in this case, it pertains to your school. When you are wearing your school’s name, colors, or logo, you are a walking example of the school. What you do and say reflects the school, so it’s best to take ownership of yourself and your school by wearing your spiritwear with pride. 

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School Spirit Is Showing What You Learn

Yes, school is the place where a lot of growing up is done, preparing you for those next steps. Beyond math, science, and reading comprehension, you tend to get an idea of who you are and who you want to become in the coming years. You learn how to work in groups, how to study, how to balance projects, how to prioritize, how to interact with people, and how to do anything else that will provide more value to society than the Pythagorean Theorem. 

School is also a place where you can embrace your talents and find a corner where you belong. That’s what school spirit is: a representation of learning at your institution both inside and outside of the classroom.

School Spirit Is a Sign of a Good Group Dynamic

It doesn’t matter if your school is 6A, with a perfect football record, or if it’s smaller, known for only a few specific things. School spirit simply shows your school’s group dynamic. 

If you love your school, we can agree there’s nothing more satisfying than wearing spiritwear and seeing the halls and stands full of people doing the same on the day of a big event. It’s also fun when a teacher or administrator notices a shirt with a design they don’t recognize and asks where you got it or who came up with it. This usually happens with club and organization shirts, but either way, it’s a conversation starter that can connect people.

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