What Is Spirit Wear?

Spiritwear refers to wearables like T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts that capture a school’s unique spirit, representing the corresponding colors, logo, and mascot to facilitate a sense of pride and unity.

At 1st Place Spiritwear, we produce the highest-quality spiritwear and provide over 200 original designs for schools across the country. Spiritwear is more than just a shirt or a hoodie, though – spiritwear is a memento, something to remember one of the most significant times of a student’s life.

Spiritwear Is Made of Memories

Everyone picks up a few spirit shirts during their time at school – each one carrying specific memories. One might remind you of a field trip, another a certain grade or class, perhaps a gameday win, or a fundraiser for your club. The most positive memories are threaded into every piece of spiritwear (we hope), and those are what you take with you after graduation. You’ll look back fondly at the highs of high school, not the lows.

Spiritwear isn’t merely another clothing category. High school doesn’t last forever, but 1st Place Spiritwear is meant to last a lifetime.

What Is 1st Place Spiritwear?

1st Place Spiritwear produces on-demand spiritwear that you can shop like any other product. We’re changing the game for fundraising, too. No longer do you have to rely on minimum orders, door-to-door sales, in-person deliveries, or anything else that makes a fundraiser less fun. Support your school from the comfort of your home and rest assured that you’re getting what you paid for – the best spiritwear on the market, tailored for your school. 

High-Quality Materials

Our goal is not to be the cheapest but the best, which is why we start with Bella+Canvas material, the leader in premium basics. These USA-made, sustainable textiles set the standard for quality, making them the obvious choice for our spiritwear.

What is spirit wear? At 1st Place Spiritwear, it’s premium school swag that students, teachers, and parents will want to wear. Our spirit wear looks and feels great, but don’t take our word for it; find your school and check us out for yourself!

Custom Designs

When we came up with the idea for 1st Place Spiritwear, we wanted to provide something different than the standard but still something representative of your school. We wanted to offer something unique, which is why we source the world’s leading T-shirt graphic designers.

What is spirit wear? At 1st Place Spirit Wear, our spiritwear features original designs that you can’t – and won’t – find anywhere else.

Family Owned and Operated

We aren’t a major retailer or corporation; we’re a small business. When you shop 1st Place Spiritwear, you’re buying from a team who cares about and oversees your order from start to finish. Knowing that the most important person in our business is our customer, we quality-check every product multiple times to ensure perfection because we’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Shop Spiritwear from 1st Place Spiritwear

We’re the industry leader in what we do. On-demand, online spiritwear shops didn’t really exist before us, let alone on-demand spiritwear fundraising. We specialize in school spiritwear that stands the test of time, both in quality and in design. When you shop from us, you’re getting something original, something cared for, and something ready to make and keep memories with you. You’re shopping 1st Place Spiritwear!

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